Taught by George Hawrysch, Ph.D.
Tai Chi is a unique and powerful alternative to regular fitness training. It uses sequences of slow, completely relaxed stepping movements to strengthen the body, improve mobility, and calm the mind. Together these bring substantial, long-lasting physical and mental benefits.
Sustained Tai Chi practice produces robust, resilient individuals at all levels as effectively as other physical workouts do, but without strain and with virtually no risk of injury.
Internal Tai Chi is a method of opening the body so that the physical forces released can circulate freely through it without tightening up or blocking the flow. Internal practice also completely changes how you generate power and respond to forces acting on you.
The movements of Tai Chi can be learned in a few months. Benefits are experienced almost immediately. Regular internal Tai Chi practice brings a great wealth of vitality and resilience that can be drawn upon for a lifetime.
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