Taught by George Hawrysch, Ph.D.
Tai Chi Therapy is neither “Tai Chi for health” nor a form of “therapeutic Tai Chi.”
The therapy involves introducing an intensified Tai Chi process directly into sites of injury or disease. Anatomy is aligned, tissues are rebuilt, and physiology is normalized — all through continuously reconfiguring the flow of blood, air, and physical force through the body.
Tai Chi Therapy is an excellent alternative to hip replacement surgery. It is used to correct musculoskeletal damage or degeneration, especially in severe cases.
Most common health issues do not call for Tai Chi Therapy, and can be resolved simply by attending regular Tai Chi classes. When it is required, however, Tai Chi Therapy has a very high success rate and its results are generally permanent.
George Hawrysch specializes in Tai Chi Therapy and especially in Hip Restoration Therapy, which in almost all cases makes surgical replacement unnecessary. Please contact him directly if you are interested in this aspect of Tai Chi’s health applications.
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