Taught by George Hawrysch, Ph.D.
George Hawrysch, Ph.D., is one of the most senior internal arts teachers in Canada. Beginning in 1974 he has founded or co-founded five national and international Tai Chi organizations, all of which are still operating. He has also trained a number of advanced instructors who have since opened their own independent schools of Tai Chi.
Dr. Hawrysch teaches Tai Chi as a comprehensive health improvement technology. This technology produces remarkably robust, resilient, and responsive individuals at all levels. Alternatively, it can also be used as a targeted therapy to cure many physical injuries (even extreme ones) as well as certain diseases. In both approaches George Hawrysch places an emphasis on the internal aspect of Tai Chi — a methodology explicitly designed to result in a longer and much higher quality life.
Dr. Hawrysch’s specialty is hip restoration therapy: a non-invasive, Tai Chi-based process that makes hip replacement surgery unnecessary in almost all cases. He also works to re-position Tai Chi as a professional occupation rather than the completely unregulated activity that it is now.
George Hawrysch has studied extensively with several master practitioners both in China and throughout North America. He holds academic degrees from the University of Toronto and Harvard University.
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